Since we first had the idea to prepare gluten and lactose free food at Totó's Kitchen, we wanted to eventually have a friendly place where people can sit in, relax and have a delicious lunch. As our catering business grew bigger, this little dream of ours always got postponed...until now!
We are opening the door of Toto's kitchen starting this week. You are very welcome to enjoy your lunch at Városmajor street 18, between 11:30 - 15:00 every weekday.

Our range of offerings will grow in the future, so it's worth checking out what's new from time to time.
Hope to see you soon!



At the moment there is no active menu!

Order your daily or weekly menu! If you are not familiar with our prices or delivery system yet, follow the link to get more information and then return to order. The link below will bring you to a google form, please fill it out so we can process your order.


other delights

We also offer a variety of breads AND delicious cakes for special occasions (or just to give yourself a treat)... all customized to your needs and appetite.

Everybody can find their own favorite on our menu. We have paleo, vegan and more traditional cakes, all of which can be ordered sugar free.

Our gluten-free homemade breads are baked with three different flour combination, without yeast.

Review our menu below or go straight to order by clicking on the button below. This will open a google form, which you will need to fill out so that we can process your order.



Homemade Breads

Type 0,5 kg 1 kg
Half brown (1) 790 Ft 1450 Ft
Natur (2) 790 Ft 1450 Ft
No maize (3) 790 Ft 1450 Ft

(1) contains millet, brown rice, maize, chickory and buckwheat flours (2) contains millet, rice, chickory and amaranth flours (3) contains millet, brown rice, buckwheat, chickory and amaranth flour

Raw apple cake with date cream and clove seasoning

Raw apple cake 8 slices 12 slices
with cane sugar 3600 Ft 5400 Ft
without sugar* 3600 Ft 5400 Ft

Raw chocolate avocado cake

Raw chocolate avocado cake 8 slices 12 slices
with cane sugar 4000 Ft 6000 Ft
without sugar* 4400 Ft 6600 Ft


Brownie 8 slices 12 slices
with cane sugar 2800 Ft 4600 Ft
without sugar* 3200 Ft 5000 Ft

Quinoa chocolate cake filled with homemade apricot jam

Quinoa cake 8 slices 12 slices
with cane sugar 4000 Ft 6000 Ft
without sugar* 4400 Ft 6600 Ft

Avocado chocolate biscuits

with cane sugar: 620 Ft / 10 dkg

without sugar*: 740 Ft / 10 dkg

*Suger free versions are made with eritritol.


the story

I had been dreaming of opening my own confectionary since my early childhood, which was to be called “Toto’s confectionary”. Years went by and as I graduated in Business management, my training as cook and pastry cook was also completed. I put this training to use in Britain to gain catering experience, however it did not feel right, as the numerous cafes and restaurants I worked in did not offer a room for creativity, for experimentation.

Soon after, when I was diagnosed lactose intolerant and had to take up a milk free diet, I realized how limited the offer was for people with food allergies. It was often overpriced, bland and boring. That’s when I started to cook healthy and fun meals for family and friends.

While planning to set up my own business, I was producing plant based milks, milk free spreads and cakes, then selling them at a local Budapest market called “Szatyor” (“Shopping bag”).

Eventually I found a kitchen, expanded my production and started trial runs with the help of my family and friends. The certified kitchen at 18 Városmajor St., in the 12th district of Budapest, has been producing gluten and milk free food since the second half of 2015.

our present and future

Our workshop is located on Városmajor street (and will soon open its doors to public).

Do you have any suggestions or feedback for us? Please don’t hesitate to share!

We have a small but enthusiastic team that is constantly expanding!

the food

In Toto’s kitchen we produce fully gluten and milk free lunch dishes, cakes and breads. It is a reliable and healthy choice for people with milk and gluten intolerance. We also target food conscious people who choose this diet for non-medical reasons.

As part of our health conscious policies, we make fresh food from fresh ingredients as much as possible. We don’t use any artificial additives or refined sugar. We cook with cold pressed oils and Himalaya salt.

We are often inspired by international cuisine, therefore you will find quinoa cake, quiche, chili con carne, fried noodles and chia pudding on our menu.

is this for you?*

Yes, if you want to follow a healthy, balanced diet on an everyday basis!

Yes, if you have diabetes, endometriosis or just want to lose some weight!

Yes, if you are on a gluten-free diet, have lactose intolerance issues, or you are a vegan!

*This is is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice!

our ingredients

Grains: brown rice, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, wild rice, amaranth

Oils: cold pressed sunflower oil, olive oil, coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil, sesame oil

Spices: Himalaya salt

Nuts: walnuts, almond, cashew nuts, sesame, sunflower seed

Sweeteners: we do not use any sweeteners for our soups and main dishes (fruit soups are sweetend with erithritol). Our cakes contain brown cane sugar and for the sugar free alternative we use erithritol.

Flours: rice flour, corn flour, brown rice flour, psyllium seed husk powder, sorghum flour

Legume: beluga lentils, red and black lentils, black beans, adzuki beans, horse beans

Plant based milks and creams: rice cream, coconut cream, cashew cream

Eggs: free range

Sweeteners: we do not use any sweeteners for our soups and main dishes (fruit soups are sweetened with erythritol). The cakes contain brown cane sugar and for the sugar free alternative, we use erythritol.

our ars poetica

We never use soya and refined sugar.

Neither preservatives nor additives.

And we are definitely against genetically modified products.


Ordering and delivery

The menu is emailed and shared on Facebook on Thursday for the forthcoming week. A simple form is to be filled in and returned 2 calendar days in advance. Please send us a message if you want to get our weekly menu via email.


Soup (4dl) 700 Ft, main dish 1100 Ft, cake 650 Ft, 3 course menu 2350 Ft.


We offer a three course lunch from Monday to Friday including a delivery service in central Budapest - see map. For any special requests (eg. delivery beyond the indicated area) please contact us! The full set menu or individual courses may be ordered. Delivery fees are the following: 450 Ft for orders between 1350 Ft and 1599 Ft, 250 Ft for orders between 1600 Ft and 2000 Ft. Any order below 1350 Ft will not be delivered, being only available for pick-up. Orders above 2001 Ft are delivered free of charge.

Our account number

If you would like to pay by bank transfer, please use the following data:

  • Owner: Azték zsálya Bt., Budapest
  • Account number: 10101559 - 65529200 - 01004006
  • Comment: Lunch payment (your name)

We care about the environment

If requested, the food is delivered in reusable, carefully cleaned, strong plastic containers instead of single use containers. If this is your option, please write us an email! We ask you to return these to our bike couriers with your subsequent orders or in person to our shop at 18 Városmajor St.


at your service!

If you have any suggestions, requestes or complaimns, mail us as info@totokonyhaja.hu !

If you want to meet us in person, you can find us at Városmajor St. 18, District 12, Budapest.
Opening hours: between 11:30 - 15:00 every weekday

You can reach is on cell to chat on this number: